The below Rules & Regulations are applicable for company registration & seafarer registration
This will be a Singles Tournament (Males and Females compete together - No age criteria)
You may register upto a maximum of 7 players (Male & Female inclusive)
  • (a)
    Each contest will be of 3 games/boards (Best of 3 wins!).
    In case 2 straight games are won by a participant - the 3rd game will NOT be played.
    The winner of a game/board will be the player who pockets all the coins of his colour (black/white) from the board
  • (b)
    The referee will do the toss by hiding the 2 coins (black and white) in each palm and asking one team member to choose. The winner of the toss (who chooses white) strikes first. Strikes will be alternated after each game/board
  • (c)
    The first player breaks using his/her index finger by flicking the striker in a forward direction towards the center formation of Carrom pieces.
  • (d)
    The queen may be 'pocketed' at any point after the first piece has been pocketed, but before the last carrom piece is pocketed.
  • (e)
    If the red piece/ queen is pocketed, the player must then pocket one of their own carrom pieces in the same turn. Should the player fail to pocket a piece, then the queen must be replaced in the centre of the carrom board.
  • (f)
    The winner is the first player to pocket all of his/ her carrom pieces (& the queen if not already pocketed).
  • (g)
    Incase the striker is pocketed - the player will pay a 'due' of one coin of his colour which will be placed within the central ring by the opponent player & the turn goes to the oponent
  • (h)
    Incase the striker is pocketed BEFORE you have pocketed a single coin of your colour - the due is exempted
  • (i)
    Incase you bag a coin ( of your colour) and a striker , the player will pay a 'Double Due' which will now be 2 coins of your colour which will be placed within the central ring by the opponent player & the turn goes to the opponent - BUT he retains his turn
  • (j)
    All equipment will be supplied by the organisers. If players intend to use their own stricker, it must be subject to agreement by the opponent . THUMB Shots are permitted as per referee guidelines
  • (k)
    For any debate point - the referee decision will be honoured
  • (l)
    The winner and runner up of the finals will be awarded