Terms & Conditions

Any registration/ payment done shall be non-refundable in case of no show or cancellation
The company may change the players on the day of the event, but the registration holds good only for the sport and category listed for
If the players do not show up on time as per the draw table that will be posted online – a winning point will be provided to the opponent by default
The organisers are not responsible for any injuries or personal loss (items or physical) that may be caused at the event
Outside food and drinks (except for children) will not be permitted
All participants may be put through a security check as required by the venue
Parking of personal vehicles will be at the risk of the owner and the organisers will not be liable for any loses thereof
Any items purchased for eating or drinking purpose at the venue shall be paid by the purchaser and no credit is available
Purchase of alcohol shall be allowed to individuals over the age of 21 only and the organisers shall not be responsible for any unauthorized buying or consumption. Any irrational behaviour on consumption of alcohol shall result in instant denial to continue further at the event
Professional ethics and behaviour shall be demonstrated at all times