Table Tennis

The below Rules & Regulations are applicable for company registration & seafarer registration
This is a Singles Tournament only
Separate categories for Males and Females
Further subdivided as per age above/below 45 years as on 1st Sept 2018
You may REGISTER upto:
Male over 45 years - Maximum of 2 players in the category
Male below 45 years - Maximum of 3 players in the category
Female - 1 Player
  • (a)
    The game of Table Tennis will be played up to 11 points and all games will be Singles only. The winner is the player who first scores 11 points, unless both players score 10 points (called deuce). Then a game will be won by the first player or pair to gain a two point lead
  • (b)
    Each contest will be of 3 games (Best of 3 wins!)
  • (c)
    The referee will do the toss by hiding the ball in a palm and asking one team member to choose. The winner of the toss serves first or chooses a side of the table to play from. Sides will be alternated after each game
  • (d)
    The ball must be kept in an open palm position at the time of serve and no spin at serve is permitted. Service should be above the table
  • (e)
    Players are entitled to practice on the match table for up to 2 minutes immediately before the start of a match
  • (f)
    In case of a debated point – the referee decision shall be honoured
  • (g)
    Each player has 2 serves and the service continues to alternate between opponents
  • (h)
    The Winner & Runner Up of the finals will be awarded
  • (i)
    Get your own TT rackets – TT balls will be provided
  • (j)
    Wear sports shoes
Draws will be based on the number of entries and the draw table will be provided online (www.misl.in) at-least 10 days before the event. If the team/ player does not show up on the time as mentioned in the draw – the team/player will be disqualified and a win will be awarded to the opponent