The below Rules & Regulations are applicable for company registration & seafarer registration
This will be a Singles tournament (Males and Females compete together - No age criteria)
You may register upto a maximum of 2 players (Male & Female inclusive)
  • (a)
    The format will be ‘Time Bound & Points Based’ Further, It will be a Single game Knock Out pattern
  • (b)
    The duration of each game will be a maximum of 30 minutes (Unless the king is lost (checkmate) within 30 minutes)
  • (c)
    Each move will have to be carried out in a maximum of 2 minutes based on the timer
  • (d)
    If there is no ‘Straight Winner’ (Loss of King) – the winner will be decided on the basis of points scored by killing the opponent’s chess pieces
    • The referee will count the points on below basis:
    • Pawn   - 1 point
    • Knight (Horse)   - 3 points
    • Bishop (Camel)   - 3 points
    • Rook (Elephant)   - 5 points
    • Queen   - 9 points
  • (e)
    If there is a tie – The players will set a ‘fresh board’ and the first player to score 8 points will be declared the winner
  • (f)
    The winner and runner up of the finals will be awarded
  • (g)
    For any debate point – the referee decision will be honoured
Draws will be based on the number of entries and the draw table will be provided online (www.misl.in) at-least 10 days before the event. If the team/ player does not show up on the time as mentioned in the draw – the team/player will be disqualified and the opponent will be awarded a win