The below Rules & Regulations are applicable for company registration & seafarer registration
This will be a Singles tournament (Males and Females compete together - No age criteria)
You may register upto 3 participants in this category
  • (a)
    The winner and runner up of the finals will be awarded
  • (b)
    For any debate point - the arbiter decision will be honoured
  • (c)
    Player will get 10 minutes (per player) + 2 seconds increment per move (Organisers will provide the clock)
  • (d)
    First illegal move will be declared lost. Claim a win to the arbiter if your opponent violates any of the following rules:
    • The referee will count the points on below basis:
    • 1) Play after your opponent presses his clock in previous move  
    • 2) Pawn promotion: Move pawn to last rank & then replace it by a piece you want to promote it to
    • 3) Use only 1 hand to play, press clock, capture & castle, moving King first followed by the rook
    • 4) Touch to move – Play the same piece if you touch it
  • (e)
    Players can resign or claim a draw to the arbiter at any time
  • (f)
    Chess is a game of killer instinct. Agreed draw may be taken only after explaining the reason to the arbiter
  • (g)
    For any debate point – the arbiter decision will be honoured.
  • (h)
    Players will be declared lost if they speak, use mobile phones, keep their hand on or hover around the clock or bang pieces to disturb the opponent