The below Rules & Regulations are applicable for company registration & seafarer registration
This will be a Singles Tournament (Males and Females compete together No age criteria)
You are NOT permitted to carry your own darts. You may register upto 2 participants in this category
  • (a)
    The game format will be ‘High Score’ format played over 3 rounds (in each game)
  • (b)
    Each player will get 3 rounds alternatively (Total darts to throw will be 9 per participant per game)

    Play begins at zero and the total of the player's three darts is added to the previous total each round. Highest score totaled in 3 rounds WINS
  • (c)
    The format will be knock out pattern
  • (d)
    The referee will decide the first team of throwers by tossing a coin The participant that wins the toss will throw first
  • (e)
    The aim is to try and score the highest points by the end of 3 rounds (total).
    • -
      The black outermost area of the dart board will NOT count for any score
    • -
      The shaded areas will count as a single score as that marked on the board
    • -
      The thin outer "doubles" ring counts as two times the number hit and the thin inner "triples" ring counts as three times the number hit.
    • -
      Outer ring of Bulls eye will be a score of 25 points
    • -
      Inner ring of Bulls eye will be a score of 50 points
  • (f)
    In case of a tie – There will be 1 more round ( 3 darts to each player) – The player that scores the highest total WINS
  • (g)
    The winner and runner up of the finals will be awarded
  • (h)
    For any debate point – the referee decision will be honoured