The below Rules & Regulations are applicable for company registration & seafarer registration
This will be a Doubles Tournament (Males and Females compete together - No age criteria)
You may register 2 players
Mixed Doubles are NOT permitted and you are NOT permitted to carry your own darts
  • (a)
    The game format will be ‘High Score’ format played over 3 rounds (in each game)
  • (b)
    Each team will get 3 rounds alternatively (Total darts to throw will be 18 per team per game)

    Play begins at zero and the total of the player's three darts is added to the previous total each round. Highest score totaled in 3 rounds WINS
  • (c)
    The format will be knock out pattern
  • (d)
    The referee will decide the first team of throwers by tossing a coin The team that wins the toss will throw first (One player followed by the other of the same team)
  • (e)
    Each player in the team will get 3 darts to throw (total 6 darts per team per round)
  • (f)
    The aim is to try and score the highest points by the end of 3 rounds (total).
    • -
      The black outermost area of the dart board will NOT count for any score
    • -
      The shaded areas will count as a single score as that marked on the board
    • -
      The thin outer "doubles" ring counts as two times the number hit and the thin inner "triples" ring counts as three times the number hit.
    • -
      Outer ring of Bulls eye will be a score of 25 points
    • -
      Inner ring of Bulls eye will be a score of 50 points
  • (g)
    In case of a tie – There will be 1 more round ( 6 darts to each team) – The team that scores the highest total WINS
  • (h)
    The winner and runner up of the finals will be awarded
  • (i)
    For any debate point – the referee decision will be honoured
Draws will be based on the number of entries and the draw table will be provided online (www.misl.in) at-least 10 days before the event. If the team/ player does not show up on the time as mentioned in the draw – the team/player will be disqualified and the opponent team will be awarded the win